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The Cool Teacher and The Magical Fairy

The Cool Teacher

by Vilja Kivioja, Ester Kivioja ja Veikko Puusniekka 3d

The Magical Fairy

by Julia Lintu 5d

An eleven-year-old girl named Fiona lived in a nice house with a big but normal sized room. She lived there with her mom and her newborn baby sister, her mom had recently divorced Fiona´s father after having a nice long fight. But all is well because her mom remarried to a very rich man named Dylan Flu who lived in Florida and was waiting for the three ladies’ arrival. But Myra, Fiona´s mother said she would not leave Wisconsin until her baby was 3 months old and that was final. “Fiona honey you are moving to the basement” “what” shouted Fiona “nothing you say will persuade me to go and sleep in the dirty basement for the next three months!”.

A few minutes later Fiona found herself lying on a thin mattress with her face buried in her cushion, “I never win” muttered Fiona to herself. She decided to take a tiny expedition around the basement, She had been there before but just as a kid when she would run down the steps and laugh and get whatever she needed and run back up and leave the room in darkness. But that was a long time ago, her mother had cleared up a bit and now Fiona could see some hangers, a leather satchel, an old cushion, a crowbar and many other old things. Fiona coughed a bit for there was dust everywhere she rubbed her eyes and looked around a bit in the dimness of the room she made out a little figure coming towards her. Fiona scrambled to her mattress she was grasping a piece of glass in her hand she threw it at the figure “hey watch it you´ll mess up my dress and you might have given me a small scar”! “uhh sorry” “you`d better be, anyway what are you doing in my room” “your room” Fiona said abruptly “don´t you mean my basement” “whatever” said the figure “can you come into the light or the light bulb so I can see you” “sure” the figure walked up under the light I´m a magic fairy I grant wishes” “sure” said Fiona. “My name is Bramble I love bramble pie” “ok”? “but I have never actually seen a bramble bush before, and by the way bramble pie is what us fairies eat”. “Now let’s sit down, we have to talk business” “business”? said Fiona “what type of eleven-year-old girl does business”? “you” said Bramble “how come I´m not doing anything right now” “yes you are you are talking to me about business and that my friend is business” “it is”? said Fiona “yes” “you sure” “yes”! “ok” said Fiona. “So, what business”? “the business of your wishes” “ohhh” said Fiona “how many wishes do I get”? “you are eleven so you get eleven wishes” “ok I´ll use one now” “I wish that you Bramble will become my best friend” “don’t waste your wish on that we already are best friends” “yay” said Fiona. “Come with me to my chambers its big enough for a human its very large, nobody knew about the sliding door that leads to a huge rectangular room”.

Fiona followed Bramble to the other end of the room which was dark and even more dusty then the other side “over here” said bramble “see that little hole put your finger in it and press it, it should open the sliding door” “ok” said Fiona, Fiona bent down on her knees and a fiddled around for a hole “aha!” said Fiona “found it” she pushed her finger in she found the button and pressed. Fiona got up and looked as silently the door opened into a pink and lighted room “everything is so pink” Fiona said in awe “it’s beautiful” “is that my old mitten?” Fiona said “mitten hee hee no its my blanket I mean it used to be your mitten but since its now cut in half I mean it’s a blanket so” “who cares” Fiona said “I never really liked it” “do you have the time anywhere it might be time for dinner and my mother might be mad”, “Sure right over there just watch out its very easy to stumble because of the rocks” “7:39 oh no dinner started nine minutes ago my mother will be clanking and clanging on the pots when she clears up I might have to Help I got to go” “wait” said Bramble “what?” “can you bring a bit of your roast chicken for me to eat I´m two tired right now to go and take for myself “fine”. Fiona was soon seated at the table ”You were down there a long time, I didn´t even here you complain once I´m impressed that you could handle it” said Fiona´s mother “handle it easily I had a friend to help” “a friend you say” “oh just another one of my stuffed toys that’s all” said Fiona nervously “by the way why did I have to move down to the basement anyway?” “well your little sister Amandi needed to move into your room so that I can get at least a little sleep” “oh ok at least you get to sleep mommy” “how nice of you, now go brush your teeth and if you feel even the slightest bit scared then come to me after all I still am your loving caring mother”.

After dinner Myra turned around while cleaning the dishes Fiona grabbed one of Amandi´s food plates which are tiny enough for a mythical fairy to eat from, Fiona put on the mini plate one piece of chicken some beans cut into quarters and a roast potato mashed up and then she brushed her teeth kissed her mother goodnight and scooted to the basement it was already dusk which meant Fiona had to go to bed soon but still she scrambled to the other end of the room found the hole pressed the button and was soon sitting with Bramble.

A few months later when moving day was a week away Fiona had to tell Bramble about her moving to Florida And Fiona had one wish left she had used the others to win things and to get things during the months that had passed. But she had one more wish and she planned to use it on making bramble coming to Florida with her but then Fiona used her wish completely by accident by saying to her mom “I wish I could get that dolly” and then poof all of Fiona´s wishes were gone any hopes of having a friend for life were ruined and she couldn’t do anything about it. Fiona walked to the taxi passing the rose bush full of thorns, “psst” “huh who´s there” “me Bramble don’t worry I´ll find a way to get to you I promise” “I´m counting on you bestie” “don’t worry I´ll be there” Fiona got into the taxi and looked back at the rosebush. A few months later Fiona started school again she was sat next to a pretty blond girl with nice shoes and a long but still short dress she had blue eyes and she smiled at Fiona, “ok class we have two new students, first we have Fiona Flu and then we have Bramble Woods” Fiona´s jaw dropped she ran up to Bramble and said “Bramble your human sized” “yup” said Bramble “but let´s not make everybody here think we are complete weird o´s” ”sure” both girls walked back to their seats and sat down, the whole class stared at them as they opened their books then the whole class and also including Fiona and Bramble started to giggle. After school Fiona and Bramble sat on the school bench talking “so” “yeah” “were do you live?” asked Fiona “at your house silly I´m your personal maid I live in the room right next to yours” “that is so cool” Fiona squeezed Bramble really tight and said “I knew you could do it.”

Picture: Wikimedia Commons 8.5.2017

Planktonnäyte Tvärminnestä

Näyte on kuvattu mikroskoopilla Itämerikursilla Tvärminnessä (hankajalkainen ja piileviä).

Ah Berlin!

Sykin saksanlukijoiden matka Berliiniin alkoi Helsinki-Vantaalta. Vaikka lento ei ollut läheskään aikataulussa, saavuimme päämäärään kohtuulliseen aikaan. Opintomatkaan kuului maanantaista perjantaihin kestänyt kielikoulu Goethe-institutissa. Kielikoulu oli kaikkien oppilaiden mieleen.

Berliiniin saavuttuamme meitä odotti yllätys, nimittäin 25 asteen lämpötila. Kuumuudessa tarvoimme pikavauhtia monia nähtävyyksiä läpi, jonka jälkeen suuntasimme ravintolaan. Ravintolassa ruoan tilaaminen saksaksi sujui lähes moitteettomasti itse kultakin. Viimein ruokaa saaneena oli hyvä suunnata hotelli Abendsternille nukkumaan.

Sunnuntaina matkamme suuntana oli Potsdam, jossa erityisesti Sanssouci. Linnalla meitä odotti ohjattu kierros. Kierros oli mielenkiintoinen ja paljon uutta tietoa antava, vaikka useilla jalat olivatkin väsyneet kierroksen lopulla.

Arkipäivinä päivät sujui joka päivä tutulla ohjelmarungolla: aamulla hotelliaamupala, josta nähtävyyksien kautta kielikouluun, josta taas nähtävyyksien kautta hotellille. Viikon aikana kolusimme läpi lähes kaikki Berliinin museot ja nähtävyydet, joista mieleenpainuvin oli ehdottomasti der Reichstag, jonka lasikupolista avautui upeat maisemat Berliinin kattojen ylle.

Opintomatka oli kokonaisuutena erittäin​ onnistunut ja sääkin suosi matkaamme!

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